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November 2, 2013

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In my young adult, paranormal and historical book, Sliding Beneath the Surface, I use a Chinese Puzzle Ball as the focal point for the book cover. It’s not only a beautiful work of art, it also represents the multiple layers of reality that exist as viewed by one of the major characters.

What are puzzle balls?

Sometimes called mystery balls, they are handcrafted objects often made of wood, jade, mammoth ivory or Mandarin Ivory. Mandarin ivory is a blend of natural materials and is the material used for the balls in my contest.

An ancient art form, these objects have intricate carvings on the outside and multiple, moveable layers on the inside—balls within balls. Those inner shells usually number between 2 and 18 but can go as high as 42. The outside carving often consists of intertwined, painted dragons.

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Want to View One From All Sides?

Take a look at this video.

Want to see Puzzle Balls Being Made?

Video # 1

Video # 2

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