Animals and Paranormal Experiences

November 18, 2013


This little guy often hides in a planter just outside our door.

How a series of paranormal events, led to a synchronous happening here in Central Florida.

Today, I spoke to a friend at a community gathering who had been having a whole string of unusual occurrences  going on in her life. Two of these situations involved animals, one being a tree frog. It seems that one day while driving, suddenly such a critter leaped out of nowhere and landed right on her chest. She isn’t a fan of our Florida reptiles and amphibians and nearly wrecked her car.

Because I write about the paranormal, my friend and I had a conversation about how such strange experiences can sometimes link themselves together as to have some sort of meaning.

Right after that chat, I found my wife and we drove home. But just before we arrived, a tree frog jumped on my wife’s leg and then on my hand. I immediately grabbed the critter and was soon able to deposit him in some bushes.  We have no idea how that thing got into her car.

You know, I’ve been living in Florida for a lot of years and until today, never had such an in-car experience with a tree frog. The chances of such a thing happening directly after hearing about an almost identical event go way beyond the laws of probability. To Barb and me, it was a fascinating encounter with the essence of this vast universe within which we live.

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