Understanding the Paranormal & Supernatural, # 8

February 18, 2014

Linking! How to ACTUALLY contact paranormal realms. An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic .

This information is part of a series of articles taken from the nonfiction book my wife Barbara and I wrote many years ago.  You can find those other postings at the the end of this article.

Initiating Direct Contact

Actual Contact 

Once the preparatory sequence is complete (see previous post), and the call for contact has been made, just relax and let your mind float a little. What do you see? What do you feel? Stop there if this is your first attempt at direct communication. Bring yourself back to full consciousness and write down anything that occurred. You may find that this is an adequate method of contact by itself, with a wealth of information. If so, continue with it and don’t bother with other methods. If, on the other hand, you become afraid in any way, bring yourself back to full consciousness and stop trying to communicate.

If your desire is strong enough, try again at other times, but you may find your subconscious is actually interfering, or it simply may not be your ultimate purpose to establish conscious linkages with alternate realities.

Evaluation of Contact with Other Realms

Above all, if what you see or receive through any method of contact is negative, profane, hurtful to others or highly directive, stop doing it. Either you are in touch with an unsettled part of your own subconscious, or you have stumbled into the sphere of a much lesser developed entity. You have the control, so use it. 

Try again another day, but next time, follow your preparatory sequence very carefully with special attention to the “white light” process. In addition, throw in some specific directive of your own such as, “Subconscious, stay out of this,” or, “I will converse only with higher level entities.”

Now, if through whatever direct method you choose or develop on your own, reasonable or even beautiful visions or messages appear, just let it flow. Use your notebook later to record what transpires and study it at your leisure. Look also at other entries in your notebook. Are there any correlations? Study what you receive, but don’t give a great deal of credence to it, initially.

Only over a period of time will you be able to sense its validity and wisdom. Take no direct action on information that flows until time and analysis have occurred.

Here for your consideration are some additional criteria that might be useful as you consider your messages:

  • Do you get a sense of caring and a concern for you as an individual?
  • Are you advised to work towards a greater understanding of your truer nature?
  • Is caution advised in accepting everything that flows through the direct communication?
  • Is information given that can be verified in the physical world?
  • Are useful insights offered regarding your particular purposes for coming into this world?
  • Are care and concern shown for those around you?
  • Are useful insights offered regarding others close to you, including their purposes for existence and your purposeful relationships with them?
  • Do you receive reminders of your personal responsibility to those around you?
  • Are you given insights regarding life after death or life before death?
  • Are you given insights into the nature of the soul?
  • Are explanations given about events within your life or events happening in the world?
  • Do you receive information that explains the purposes for the earth’s existence, physical life in general or the spiritual nature of material life?
  • Do you feel love emanating from what you receive, or is love discussed as a vital life ingredient?
  • Above all, are your life and thought processes enriched through the direct contact?

If a reasonable combination of these criteria doesn’t exist within the communications, you may still be in contact with your subconscious or a lesser developed entity. Therefore, we advise you to ignore the information at least for the time being. If you set these criteria as a conscious goal, however, you probably will find your level of contact elevated and its validity enhanced.

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