Paranormal Experiences – The Skyway Bridge Disaster

April 20, 2012

In our book, An Explosion of Being, my wife Barb and I explore many facets of life and the paranormal. In this category of blog postings, you will find some of those explorations quoted directly from selected chapters. In each instance, after deciding on a topic we wanted to probe, Barb would relax completely and I would ask the question. The result was channeled communications flowing through Barb from what we simply called, The Source.

This posting focuses on the May 9, 1980 Skyway Bridge Disaster that occurred in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. It comes from chapter 7 which is titled, “Life and Afterlife as Learning Concepts” and it is being told from Barb’s perspective. Photos of the bridge, courtesy of Florida Memory, Florida Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services:

THE SUNSHINE SKYWAY BRIDGE stretching over a portion of Tampa Bay loomed before us. Roadways reached gently upward to disappear into the towering maze of steel girders at the summit. Our lane of traffic was diverted to the left-hand span of the bridge, turning what was usually a one-way flow into two-way movement. Progress became sluggish as we began the slow incline, leaving the road to our right vacant and strangely lonesome.

“Brake lights flashed as Doug guided the car towards the crest of the roadway, finally bringing us to a full stop just inside the entrance to the huge metal structure. Looking toward the right, we stared at a chilling sight. Abruptly ending in the swirling sea air over Tampa Bay was the twin span of the bridge, leading nowhere.

“Stretching for over 1,000 feet, that bridge, normally used by southbound traffic, no longer existed. The kids, minutes before, had pointed out the twisted wreckage lying on the sandy beach. But, sitting there, stalled in a line of cars, the view of that incredibly empty space to our right, forced the awesome impactof this disaster to etch itself into the family consciousness.

“Several months before our trip, a barge, pushed by hurricane force winds and blinding rain, rammed the bridge. In the furious storm of that early morning, the structure collapsed, sending cars, a bus, and tons of metal crashing into the bay. More than thirty people were killed, some of them small children. If the timing had been right, we could have been among them, and we shuddered.

“Closeness to catastrophe often stimulates a certain amount of introspection and questioning. We were no exception to this process, but, unlike most people, we later went to our trance communications to capture whatever explanations might be offered:”

Q: Tell us what purpose was involved in the Skyway Bridge Disaster.

A: Everyone has to find a play for existence in this realm. You (Doug and Barb) are too attuned to desirable ends with your lives. This purposeful circumstance will show more meaning in your time. But, be sure to weigh yourselves carefully, as each event is connected with another set of circumstances that will also be headed as ‘tragic’ one day.

“While your friends of life are encountering these disasters, they are playing their role as indicated prior to times onset there (in physical reality). Your feverish anxieties are still being held as a way to unravel existence. This I see as a token of myself, as I too was once exploring possibilities of death around my arms’ lengths.

“You are both (Doug and Barb) being able to complete this hazard, in a form which will softly open others’ ideas to history, as yours are freeing themselves now. Be quickly observant and understand that these people (bridge victims) are uniquely placed, as each has a silent marker on him in time. These (markers) help to distinguish a path for each who comes to know astounding differences in life’s ways.

“Those who are closely related (relatives of the bridge victims), are a part of a mass who need ultimate understanding. These people (bridge victims), therefore are chosen to show a mass that the way of life is death.

“Shower yourselves with these thoughts as they will help to control your emotional reactions. These events are ‘disastrous syringes’ that penetrate the developing psyches of all on your plane. Be quietly patient and advise your peers that while these deaths were painful, that pain is lost as they (the bridge victims), are freed from their continuous efforts of being in your society of ideas and practices.

“You need to un-control your web now, as it has tangled your vibrations of understanding. Peace will come to those who appreciate my aggressive research from within their realm of reach. “While accepting my ideas of death, you must also propose a solution to your own demise, as I will say that yours (Doug and Barb’s) also has become a part of a plan which will end in a cycle of wonderment from others. Therefore, should you decide to answer this, your framework will become a receptacle for others to hold near.

Top – Old Skyway Bridge                     Bottom – New Skyway Bridge

“As in many of the previous writings, the notion of intricate, spiritual purpose surrounding pain and disaster, again was laid before us. As potentially acceptable as that philosophy was in the abstract, our physical nearness to such agony and loss of life forced us to wonder if this understanding would actually help those remaining family members of the bridge catastrophe.

“If we were the ones facing that loss, would the pain have been any less, or would our abilities to recover somehow have been enhanced because of our knowledge? In all honesty, Doug and I just didn’t have adequate answers.”

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