Paranormal Coincidences: Infinite Hummingbird Connections

May 11, 2012

I write a lot about how coincidences often show the true paranormal nature of the world in which we live. These events, especially when there are a serious of them related to each other, can be a bit startling. Even so, over the years I’ve gotten fairly used to them. Once in a while, though, something will happen that really makes my jaw drop in wonder. That’s what happened to me just a few minutes ago.

Let me back up here. A few days ago, I published a short article on my blog titled, “Paranormal Coincidences: The Hummingbird and Stained Glass”. It was all about a set of simultaneous events involving a hummingbird right outside the window of my home office. Today, I decided to post that piece on Facebook because it was a warm, touching story related to my deceased mother. If you want to read that article, I’ve provided a link at the bottom of all this text. The picture on the left, however, is one of those I used in the article.

Now back to a few minutes ago. Right after dinner, I checked my emails and noticed I had received a Google Alert. I have them set up so that Google scours the Internet for me on all kinds of subjects including, Doug Dillon. Tonight, the Google email said, “Join Doug Dillon on Facebook.”

Bridge of Lions Photo courtesy of              Greg Dillon-Photography by Greg

Figuring it must be the hummingbird posting I did today, I clicked on it. Sure enough, the hummingbird picture came up. The thing is, it wasn’t my hummingbird. The color of the flowers was wrong.  In fact, this picture filled a good chunk of the screen with a smaller version of itself where my Facebook profile photo usually sits. For a few seconds, I was really disoriented because my cover photo is actually a  nighttime picture of the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine. Even so, it still said, “Doug Dillon.”

EyeFinally, I tore my eyes away from the pictures and looked at the profile. That’s when I discovered I was looking at a description of another Doug Dillon. That’s what I said, another DOUG DILLON. Not only that, but this other Doug Dillon and I have these items in common:

  • We both are retired
  • We both are retired from a school system
  • We are both retired from a school system in the state of Florida
  • We both like history
  • We both went to public universities in the state of Florida

Out of bodySee why I really jumped up and took notice? As I look at the other Doug Dillon’s Facebook timeline, I see this entire event as a giant cosmic exclamation point-one I will now  have to insert into my original posting on the hummingbird and stained glass.

If you would like to see the other Doug Dillon’s Facebook timeline, click here. I don’t know how long he will keep that hummingbird picture up, but I hope he keeps it there long enough for you to take a look at it. Oh. I immediately sent Doug # 2 a Friend Request. I think this event will blow his socks off. It will be interesting to talk to him.

If you would like to see  that previous posting, click here.

UPDATE: The other Doug Dillon responded to me on Facebook where we are now friends. He read this article and found it pretty startling. This was especially true since he had some things to add to the string of coincidences listed above and here they are:

  • Like me, he was a district level school administrator
  • Through his job back in those days, he visited Orange County Public School’s district office in Orlando where I worked. During that day, he happened to walk by MY DESK.  He noticed my nameplate and stopped short. When he asked if I was around., someone told him I was away at a conference. So, Doug and I think that for whatever reason, we were destined to make contact. The thing is, it sure did take a long time. I would like to meet him one of these days.


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Kitty White May 16, 2012 at 7:16 AM

Wow, Doug, what an amazing story. It’s another example of just how inner connected we all are. This makes me think of the Seth stories and how he said we have parallel existences.

Doug Dillon May 16, 2012 at 10:40 AM

It was pretty startling. No doubt about that. You’re right, Kitty, the experience does remind me of the Seth Material. Good comparison.

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