Paranormal Experiences: The Footsteps

June 1, 2012

This is the first of three events reported by my friend, Patrick Delsaut, a writer and paranormal explorer from France. According to Patrick, it occurred in  the late 1960s.


When we were children, my sister and I were in the living room with our mother. Night had fallen and we were talking quietly together.

All of a sudden, all three of us heard what sounded like someone walking around in the room above our heads. Into the short silence that followed, we again distinctly heard the sound of slowly moving footsteps on the second floor of our home.

This really frightened us, especially my mother. You see my father was away and there was supposed to be no one else in the house. We didn’t have a phone and couldn’t call the police so my mother went next door to the neighbors. While she was gone, my sister and I kept hearing those footsteps.

Finally, our mother returned with two burly men. Then all three of them slowly walked up the stairs, thinking that a thief had got in somehow. My sister and I stayed in the living room listening to all three on the stairs as those footsteps above us continued.

When our mother and the two men arrived at the closed door to the bedroom where the sounds were coming from, the footsteps immediately stopped.

The men opened the door slowly, expecting to be attacked by the burglar but … the room was empty. Two windows facing the street were definitely closed. No one could have left the room, that’s for sure.

Obviously, there was no thief, but we never did figure out the mystery of those very clear and frightening footsteps.

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