Cassadaga: The South’s Oldest Spiritualist Community

July 2, 2012

A Book Review

Edited by: John J. Guthrie, Phillip Charles and Gary Monroe

  • At the time of publication, all three editors were college professors in Central Florida

Contributors: Bret E. Carroll, Ann Jerome Croce, Paul Jerome Croce, John J. Guthrie, Sidney P. Johnston, Phillip Charles Lucas, Gary Monroe, and Anne Barclay Morgan

University Press of Florida, 241 p.

Part of the Florida History and Culture Series

The editors of this book have collected scholarly writings on the Spiritualist Community of Cassadaga, Florida and presented it in 7 excellent chapters. What they offer the reader is a well balanced and detailed view describing one of the most unique towns in the United States. Research based with chapter notes and 47 photographs, the entire history and functioning of this community comes to life. Having visited Cassadaga and some of its mediums on more than one occasion, I can tell you that the writers and editors have provided a very accurate picture.

In addition to the photographs, it is the quotes from residents and the interviews with mediums that really give insight into the religious beliefs and customs found in Cassadaga. As you read these fascinating words, you soon discover how seriously people in this town take the art of communing with those who have left this life. It also becomes clear how the mediums, psychics and healers sponsored by the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp take their jobs of providing guidance and consolation to the living who seek their help.

If you are interested in spirit contact and the history of Spiritualism in the United States, you will definitely find this book something to savor.

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