St. Augustine, FL Ghost Hunt: Miss Caroline’s Guest House Part 2

March 8, 2013

Greg Bush

Greg Bush

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A guest post by Mary Jo Fister and Greg Bush from Offthetrails Paranormal investigations.

In June 2012, Off the Trails Paranormal Investigations revisited Miss Caroline’s Guest House in St. Augustine. This is a lovely Victorian house that has been a veterinarian office, a TB hospital, and a private home. We had been there once before and had some activity.

This time, we set up for three days, and were rewarded with some great video evidence!

Mary Jo Fister

Mary Jo Fister

We set up our static night vision cameras, did baseline readings with the meters, and made our headquarters the Colonel’s Room. There are three guest rooms, known as the Colonel’s Room, Miss Margaret’s, or Molly’s Room, and Rose’s room.

There are several spirits who inhabit the house, according to owner Tina Danielson, including Ulysses, Charlie, Miss Lucy (aka Rose), Colonel Kennedy, and little Molly. Colonel Ken was the father of Ulysses and Molly.

The Colonel, a Union officer, and Molly are the most active.

Molly is believed to be 5. In the room given to her are some toys to encourage her to interact with guests. We played with Molly. She has a doll that is motion sensitive. The doll plays peek-a-boo and talks.

We sat the doll on the big stuffed horse in the room. One night around 3:00 AM, while we were sleeping, Molly approached the doll and threw the doll backwards over the horse. We realized in the morning the doll was on the floor, but didn’t know how.

I picked her up, sat her securely on the horse’s back, and went to make coffee. When I came back in, the doll was again on the floor. Once more, I put the doll firmly in the saddle.

As Greg and I watched, the doll flew off the horse again! We were amazed and excited to see it! It was later, reviewing the film from our static night vision camera, that we caught the spirit of Molly playing with her doll. In addition, the REM Pod went off several times, as evidence that Molly, or some spirit, was there.

We also have photographic evidence in the upstairs sitting room of an energy ball, and spikes on the Mel Meter. Rob heard footsteps around 3:30 am, when we were the only ones in the house, and he was the only one awake.

Many people have experienced paranormal activity here, from hearing footsteps, to being touched, to smelling roses. Tina Danielson and Miss Caroline’s are featured on a “My Ghost Story” segment.

Click here to see the second investigation video of Miss Caroline’s.

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1. See the following blog post on the second visit to Miss Caroline’s

2. Miss Caroline’s is no longer a guest house.

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