Carl Jung and the Paranormal, Part 8: The Suicide

November 5, 2012

This post is one of a 12-part series on the paranormal experiences of Carl Jung, founder of Analytic Psychology.

After giving a lecture, Jung went back to his room at the hotel where he was staying. Exhausted, he fell asleep until 2 AM when he suddenly awoke. In that rapid awakening, he felt a distinct wariness. In fact, he was sure someone had entered the room. Obviously still alone, but not fully believing it, he even opened his door to look out in the hall. No one there either.

Still the sensation of someone being close by persisted until Jung felt a dull pain in his head. To him, it seemed as if something had hit his forehead and went all the way to the back of his skull.

Eventually, he got back to sleep but only to have his experience relived in a different way the next morning. That’s when he received a telegram that one of his patients had committed suicide. Jung eventually found out that the man had shot himself in the head, the bullet entering the forehead and stopping at the back of the skull.


The blog post above, and the others like it, became so popular that I created a book using them as the basis for particular explorations of the paranormal. Titled, Carl Jung, Hauntings, and Paranormal Coincidences, it combines the Jung material with supporting information from my own experiences and those of others.

CarlJungMediumIf you are interested in reading that book, you can find it in most online bookstores. Listed below, however, are direct book links to some of the larger retail outlets in the English-speaking world:

Amazon.comAmazon CanadaAmazon UKAmazon IndiaAmazon AustraliaBarnes and NobleKobo (Canada)

But if you would like to just browse through some of those postings on Carl Jung’s paranormal experiences, you can find those links below.

Happy reading.

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