Carl Jung and the Paranormal, Part 11: The Mosaics

December 7, 2012

This post is one of a 12-part series on the paranormal experiences of Carl Jung, founder of Analytic Psychology.

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The Galla Placidia Mausoleum in Italy is a Roman structure built around 430 AD and known for its beautiful mosaics. Carl Jung visited the place twice in his life. .

On the first visit in 1913, Jung enjoyed his time there but felt strange for some reason he couldn’t put his finger on. End of that story.

The second visit occurred in 1933 when Jung went there with a friend. The same feeling of unease slid over him but again,  he found no reason for it. As if that weren’t enough, he noticed a blue light in one room that seemed to have no source. Brushing both incidents aside, he went on to enjoy his tour of the mausoleum.

As Jung and his friend entered another room, they saw four very attractive biblical mosaics where Jung has seen windows on his first visit. Realizing he must have missed those particular panels back in 1913, he began to question his memory. Even so, the two people stood there studying the newly found pieces of art and talked about them for twenty minutes.

After leaving the mausoleum, Jung went to a store in order to buy picture post cards of those mosaics to take home with him. Sadly, he couldn’t find any and no one seemed to know what he was talking about.

So impressed was Jung with those four mosaics, he even mentioned them in some of his lectures after he returned home.

Sometime later, he asked a friend who was planning a trip to Italy, and visiting the Galla Placidia Mausoleum, to buy him the post cards he couldn’t find. The friend agreed but upon his return, he told Jung that no such biblical panels existed. Instead, the man found the missing windows just as Jung recalled from 1913.

In writing about this experience many years later, Jung still marveled about it and said that the memory of those four mosaics continued to burn brightly in his mind.


The blog post above, and the others like it, became so popular that I created a book using them as the basis for particular explorations of the paranormal. Titled, Carl Jung, Hauntings, and Paranormal Coincidences, it combines the Jung material with supporting information from my own experiences and those of others.

CarlJungMediumIf you are interested in reading that book, you can find it in most online bookstores. Listed below, however, are direct book links to some of the larger retail outlets in the English speaking world:

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But if you would like to just browse through some of those postings on Carl Jung’s paranormal experiences, you can find those links below.

Happy reading.

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