Paranormal Guidance, Part 5: Deep Connections

July 25, 2012

Ghosts, out-of-body experiences, ESP, telepathy, afterlife, dreams, channeling, auras – key guidance from  – An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic – nonfiction.

This information is part of a series of articles taken from the nonfiction book my wife Barbara and I wrote many years ago.  You can find those other postings at the the end of this article.

Deep Connections

1. Sensing Other People’s Thoughts and Needs

Don’t force it, but gently become aware of those times when you “just knew” something about another person that you could not possibly have known through any physical means. It may be the “coincidental” knowledge that a ringing telephone has a certain relative or friend on the other end. It may be that “motherly” sensitivity that awakens you in the night to attend a sick child. It may be that instantaneous awareness of what someone is about to say, seconds before it is said. In daily living, many such events happen, but we often pass them off, much to the discredit of their origin. Keep as careful a record as you can of these events, and by so doing, you will reinforce the possibility of more such things occurring.

2. Auras, Lights and Colors

People and objects emanate the multidimensional aspects of their truer reality. Especially surrounding people, the emanations can be seen as distinct from physical reality, and may appear as bursts of light, patches of color, bands of light or color, misty clouds or heat wave type disruptions. In our experience, these sightings usually come at times of high relaxation, sleepiness or times of intense emotion. Psychological readiness and a philosophical acceptance seem generally to determine our accessibility to these perceptions. We suggest that a daily imagination exercise be conducted where you visualize yourself as able to see these things.

3. Misty Images and Ghosts

Communication between the physical world and other aspects of reality are commonplace occurrences, but it usually happens beyond conscious awareness. If this type of visual event occurs, it does so because, on some level of consciousness, you and “someone else” planned it for a specific purpose. The contact may be with an entity that has never taken part in physical existence; it may be with the spiritual essence of a physically. deceased person or it could be a portion of the spiritual essence of someone living, including yourself.

We cannot suggest ways to develop or enhance this ability, nor are we certain that it should be developed. However, the recording of any such events in your notebook might eventually show them to be a part of a pattern that, as yet, you may not fully understand.

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