Paranormal Guidance, Part 9: Predictions

August 19, 2012

Ghosts, out-of-body experiences, ESP, telepathy, afterlife, dreams, channeling, auras – key guidance from  – An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic – nonfiction.

This information is part of a series of articles taken from the nonfiction book my wife Barbara and I wrote many years ago.  You can find those other postings at the the end of this article.


Extreme caution is necessary here. If you are in touch with your subconscious or a lower level entity, you are likely to get all kinds of wild predictions, including those possibilities you most desire or fear. You might simply be having something repeated to you that you either want to hear or would like most to avoid. The caution comes particularly if action is demanded by your source, ordering you to radically change things in your life.

Just remember this: a good source of direct contact is a helping agent and not a dictator. If it is a valid and useful source, it will “demand” nothing.

Even when you are reasonably satisfied as to the quality of contact that has been established, take all predictions and their time frames with a few grains of salt. The view of physical life by alternate facets of existence can have distortions and symbolic meanings that must be looked at carefully. It often depends on the level of development of your source as to how refined and accurate this information may be, in physical terms.

Your source may see your “probable” actions planned before birth, but not see the next “probable” path that you finally decide upon some night in the sleep state. Your source may indicate that great wealth is in store, but that could mean a wealth of knowledge. Your source may also indicate impending disaster or good fortune “soon,” but, as in our case, it may happen three years later.

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