Paranormal Guidance, Part 7: Contact Other Realms?

August 4, 2012

Ghosts, out-of-body experiences, ESP, telepathy, afterlife, dreams, channeling, auras – key guidance from  – An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic – nonfiction.

This information is part of a series of articles taken from the nonfiction book my wife Barbara and I wrote many years ago.  You can find those other postings at the the end of this article.

Contact Other Realms?

Have you decided that you definitely want to establish conscious contact with alternate levels of reality? If so, here are some points that you should consider before starting:

  • Remember that your subconscious is a part of your multidimensional reality. It is most likely that the subconscious is the linking force with higher levels of existence and therein lies a problem. Rightfully so, your initial direct contact might well be your subconscious, but don’t mistake it for the essence of higher wisdom.
  • Be honest with yourself. If your emotional life is in any kind of severe turmoil, that is not the time to try initiating direct contact The result could be greater upset, garbled messages, and a sabotaging of what could become very rewarding and useful at a time of more stability. During emotional turmoil, your contact is likely to be limited to a subconscious that is being bombarded with negativity and that may be what you receive as a message. Negativity.
  • Be honest, again. Why do you want to establish contact? If in any way it is to prove your superiority above others or to prove a particular point of view, you’re heading for trouble. Your subconscious will obligingly create whatever you wish, but it will not be real in any sense of the word, and in the end, you will have nothing.
  • Walk before you run. If you haven’t already kept track of your dreams, developed a comfortable “time out” linkage, and experimented with imagination as a co-creator of reality, do so before attempting direct contact. The solid base of those steps will ultimately save much time and be of immeasurable assistance in establishing a clear and valid communication.
  • Perhaps you have a particular object or sound that immediately makes you think of things spiritual or paranormal. For us, it’s our cut crystal spheres. For you, it might be a Bible, a picture, a particular piece of music, or a certain woodcarving. If you have any such object, use it as an initial “mental trigger” to establish a preliminary mind set before going to the next stage.
  • Use whatever meditation or prayer sequence that you employ daily and then…

Ψ  Clear your conscious mind by closing your eyes and imagining a pure, white light flowing over and through your entire being. Think of the source of this light as God, Infinite Intelligence, or your own crystalline soul. See the light, feel its warmth and goodness. This process will tend to keep the subconscious in its place and will indeed assist you in establishing a clear channel.

Ψ  Make use of psychic constructs. Create a specific place within your imagination and use it as the meeting ground for contact. Work on the specifics of this place well before you try communicating. Give it as much life and realistic detail as possible, so that you can actually visualize yourself within that circumstance. You might develop a seaside retreat, a palace in Europe, or perhaps a particular setting in nature. The more care you take in building this place in your mind, the more solid the middle ground you will create between realities.

Ψ  Call for contact.  Once you have followed the previous steps, in sequence, make a statement something like, “I’m ready,” or “I wish to make contact,” or “Is anyone there?” You determine what you want to say and whether or not you want to say it mentally, or out loud. But, whatever you do, you must reach out forcibly with your mind.

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