Paranormal Guidance, Part 12: Channeling

September 3, 2012

Ghosts, out-of-body experiences, ESP, telepathy, afterlife, dreams, channeling, auras – key guidance from  – An Explosion of Being: An American Family’s Journey into the Psychic – nonfiction.

This information is part of a series of articles taken from the nonfiction book my wife Barbara and I wrote many years ago.  You can find those other postings at the the end of this article.


If you have had reasonable success with one or more of the other methods of contact, then a verbalization of contact by you is a possibility. Proceed, as usual, through your preparation sequence, but stop within whatever psychic construct you use as a meeting ground. Here, your call for contact will stay centered, and you will say something like, “I’m ready for words or concepts to flow through me verbally.”

While making this call, keep in mind your successes with other methods. You may see words or feel impressions or sense ideas. Whatever happens, unless it’s frightening in some way, try to verbalize it. Just let it flow of its own accord and worry about the contents later.

Here is where a partner can be of immense value as a support, a booster of your own psychic power, and as a recorder. If this isn’t possible, at least have a tape recorder running, so that the messages aren’t lost. Unless you have unusual recall abilities, you will forget a great deal of what comes through.

In the beginning, keep your sessions short, say five or ten minutes, expanding those limits only after positively evaluating your source and its effect on you. As we were told through such early communications of our own, “Choose your source as carefully as your mate.”

If this method seems to work well for you, and you wish to continue it, we suggest strongly that if you don’t have a partner in this exploration, get one. If you so desire, it is possible for this verbalization to naturally blend into a trance communication where your awareness is dimmed. Under these circumstances, time can have little meaning, and you may remember almost nothing of what transpires. Here is where the definite security, guidance and even instant evaluation of a partner can prove absolutely necessary.

In the development of trance communications, the variety of levels of contact and styles of delivery can have wide ranges. The main thing is that you and your partner proceed only when you feel at ease and evaluation results appear satisfactory. If any part of what you are doing doesn’t feel right for any reason, slow down, back up, or stop entirely.

Look at what’s happening and only continue at a comfortable pace. Keep in mind though that movement from one level of trance communication to another may be uncomfortable simply because you are learning to utilize newer and better modes of psychic bonding with your source.

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